To win the game with friends
Mind "Guancheng - transit Vanke" Football Tournament
May 16 4:30 pm, blue sky, clear skies, an exciting football Tournament in South City football stadium staged by Guangdong Zhongtian Group and Dongguan Vanke composed of staff in Wan team, against Dongguan City Guancheng district government team.

After preliminary preparation, both teams wore neat uniforms, briskly into the stadium. With the referee's whistle, the game kicked off officially began, the court immediately filled with tension.

Stadium, the game both sides evenly matched, the players have regarded their tactical game on its head, you scramble to actively scraping, always exciting. Players skillful footwork, smooth fit, wonderful shot sidelines of the two sides continue to win more cheerleading cheers and shouts. Period, whenever a player falls, the two players will immediately stop and took the initiative to ask, arm, fully embodies the "Friendship first, competition second" purpose, demonstrating both players uplifting, courageously fighting good spirit.

Outside the stadium, by the group headquarters, comprising the company, Vanke composed of staff in Wan cheerleading, city government departments by the city staff cheerleaders in the OTC drum, cry, cheer for the teams to make the arena was filled with joy, passion atmosphere. At halftime, urban cheerleaders also performed a group for everyone artistic gymnastics, brilliant performances usurp everyone's eye, but also to people who live in high spirits up.

Ultimately, the game in a harmonious, friendly and cheerful atmosphere came to a close. After the game, everyone copolymer exchange, on-site interactive warm atmosphere. Teams players have said that such a football match to be more organized, not only for everyone to create a chance to show their style, enriching the cultural life of everyone's amateur, the more we provide a platform for interaction with each other, deepen mutual understanding, enhance friendship, deepen exchanges and cooperation to achieve "enhance friendship and promote development" purposes.

In recent years, Guancheng district government support, Guangdong Zhongtian Group has developed several projects in the city which have been successfully carried out, and achieved certain results. Earlier this year, Guangdong Zhongtian Group and Dongguan Vanke hand, scored in Guancheng District Golden Mile Terrace (next to the Land Bureau) and Qifeng Road, two plots, the Group and the Guancheng District Government has further cooperation. By holding such sports Tournament deepen Guancheng District Group and the relevant departments to communicate and exchange between government and enterprises to establish a virtuous exchanges and friendly relations with the group to create a good and harmonious external relations played an important role in promoting development.

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